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Foto’s Blog: Adventure Travel company shares DMW Story!

May 21, 2012   //   Foto's Blog, General, Peru  //  Comments Off on Foto’s Blog: Adventure Travel company shares DMW Story!

I’m the founder of DMW and I’ve traveled frequently with G-Adventures. I had the opportunity to meet CEO Bruce Poon Tip and he asked me share the story of how my travels in the developing world help spark my desire to affirm children through photography and establish photo diplomacy. Thanks G-Adventures for promoting Dog Meets World with this postcard!

Foto’s Blog: Bow Wow…Cat’s Meow chooses DMW as Charity of Choice for 2012!

Apr 12, 2012   //   Foto's Blog, General  //  Comments Off on Foto’s Blog: Bow Wow…Cat’s Meow chooses DMW as Charity of Choice for 2012!

Kid’s photos hang from the branches of a dogwood tree, while Foto and a child frolic beneath the branches…What a treat that Dog Meets World has been chosen The Cat’s Meow Village charity of choice for 2012! You can purchase your own DMW tree here. Cats and dogs can play well together to celebrate photo diplomacy.

Faline the creator and owner of Cat’s Meow designates a national charity to donate a portion of proceeds to each year. The collection is called the Charity Grove and each year she designs a new tree to be added to the collection that symbolizes the charity of choice for the year.

Cat’s Meow’s are two-dimensional wooden keepsakes. They are freestanding miniature replicas of buildings, places, and things from people’s lives. They consist of everything from Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty to local tourist attractions and historical icons to people’s homes, churches, schools, etc.

They are lightweight, fit in the palm of your hand and can be easily displayed above windows and doorways, on windowsills, chair rails, and in any nook or cranny, which makes them a great accent for any home décor. Their black cat, Casper, trademarks each piece.

Foto’s Blog: DMW in Christian Science Monitor

Nov 9, 2010   //   Foto's Blog, General  //  Comments Off on Foto’s Blog: DMW in Christian Science Monitor

Teke Wiggin, a freelance journalist, authored an in depth article on Dog Meets World. He interviewed phoDOGraphers Patti Hughes (Guatemala) and Samm Coffin (South Africa and Zambia). He also quoted the response of Georgetown University sociology professor Dr. Sarah Stiles stating Dog Meets World ensures that the dignity of the subjects (being photographed) is preserved and emphasized. Everyone agrees DMW opens up an entree to an interaction across cultures and brings out smiles. READ the entire article here.

Successful DC Launch of Dog Meets World!

Sep 17, 2010   //   General, United States of America  //  Comments Off on Successful DC Launch of Dog Meets World!

Experienced phoDOGraphers and hopeful future phoDOGraphers mingled with well-wishers and supporters of Dog Meets World on a gorgeous night in Washington, DC. Thanks to all the volunteers, interns and sponsors: Newseum Residences, Strategic Counsel, CorpComm, Many Hats Institute and Bar Louie! Kristin Fisher of WUSA TV (CBS) was the Honorary Guest and attended with her visiting mom, astronaut Anna Fisher. O. Louis Mazzatenta, former senior photographer and editor from National Geographic sent remarks from China.

We welcome everyone to join our community and make DMW your “pet” cause to connect cultures through the power of simple photography!

Washington DC Launch for Dog Meet World

Aug 31, 2010   //   General  //  1 Comment

Join us for this exciting event with Honorary Guest, Kristin Fisher, Digital Correspondent and Reporter for WUSA9. Invite all your DC local friends. Learn how Dog Meets World is bringing joy and spreading peace in more than 30 countries…so far!

If you are unable to make the date, please consider donating under Participate! Thank you & hope to see everyone.


Best Foto of the Week!

Praise for DMW

"Participating in Dog Meets World was a truly magical experience, bringing joy and wonderment to all I met."

John Carr, Phodographer across South America

"Dog Meets World unleashes the power of photography as a diplomatic and personal tool in building connections among the people of the world. It embeds a memory in photographer and subject alike."

Prof. Patrick Fleming, Fulbright scholar & Phodographer Cambodia & Kyrgzystan

"You will never know just how important that photo will be long after it is taken and given."

Delores Barr Weaver, co-owner Jacksonville Jaguars

"Dog Meets World went over fabulously in my village. It is a perfect option for Peace Corps volunteers like myself. I like the Foto dog mascot, kids like it, and it is a representation of the peace and the ideas of the project."

Kristen Woodruff, Phodographer Costa Rica

"The kids are absolutely loving Dog Meets World. For a majority, these were the first images of themselves that they have ever owned."

Marti Johnson, Phodographer Uganda