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Foto is Diplomat at Soccer Match in India

Oct 29, 2017   //   Foto, India  //  Comments Off on Foto is Diplomat at Soccer Match in India


Longtime phoDOGrapher from India, Chinmoy Majumdar is always looking for clever ways to promote diplomacy with DogMeetsWorld! Recently he shared this story:

Even though security was extremely tight, I decided to bring Foto (the little dog mascot) with me to watch the FIFA World Cup Match (Chile Vs. England) at Vivekananda Uvabharati Stadium in Salt Lake, Kolkata. FIFA U-17 World Cup was taking place and being broadcasted around the world. No one was allowed to take anything except mobile phone and wallet. But FIFA security personal allowed me to take mascot dog with me after my explanations on diplomacy. At the stadium entrance gate one of our national TV channels NDTV, had a reporter who saw Foto was interested to do a spot interview to learn why I had this stuffed dog with me. I described the significance of our photo diplomacy and described Foto as the mascot of Dog Meets World. It was a wonderful experience explaining how Foto is a mascot of good luck, love and friendship just before the soccer match started. Inside the stadium fans surrounded me and were asking me about Foto and excited after knowing the significance of the project.

Thank you Chinmoy for always introducing Foto and Dog Meets World to others and sharing your enthusiasm for connecting people through peace and love.20171008_182245-1
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Foto’s Blog: Family Circle Magazine promotes travelers to be photo diplomats!

Nov 29, 2010   //   Foto, Foto's Blog  //  1 Comment

See the December issue of Family Circle Magazine (page 70). Foto, the adorable mascot of Dog Meets World would be a meaningful holiday gift for anyone!!

Foto’s Blog: Foto stars in Dog Fancy Magazine

Oct 25, 2010   //   Foto, Foto's Blog  //  Comments Off on Foto’s Blog: Foto stars in Dog Fancy Magazine

The December issue of Dog Fancy Magazine, the world’s most widely read dog magazine, is highlighting our photo diplomacy project! As Dog Fancy is the comprehensive resources for all things dog, it makes sense to see an article (page 12) under FUN DOG about how Dog Meets World is using Foto, our small stuffed dog to meet and greet, set the stage, and help fetch photos for kids and families in need around the world. Foto is the mascot, the ice-breaker, posing buddy, symbol of peace and love (check out the paw prints) and unifier of all the photos. Read our story and get involved!

Foto’s Blog: Foto is so much fun

Oct 5, 2010   //   Foto, Foto's Blog  //  1 Comment

ANY Phodographer ANYWHERE

Doesn’t matter where the scene is in the world. Foto the mascot of Dog Meets World, enchants children. It’s an adorable stuffed toy, language ice-breaker, posing buddy, project unifier and represents LOVE & PEACE….see the paws.

Daily Foto: Stories from Panama with a Parrot

Aug 19, 2010   //   Daily Foto, Foto, Panama  //  1 Comment

Phodographer Miguel Moreno in Embera Village, Panama, Aug. 2010

The little stuffed dog Foto lightens up the atmosphere. This Embera Drua woman decided her parrot should meet Foto the dog. The gorgeous bird and it’s antics generated many laughs and enhanced the cross cultural interactions. A fun time!


Best Foto of the Week!

Praise for DMW

"Participating in Dog Meets World was a truly magical experience, bringing joy and wonderment to all I met."

John Carr, Phodographer across South America

"Dog Meets World unleashes the power of photography as a diplomatic and personal tool in building connections among the people of the world. It embeds a memory in photographer and subject alike."

Prof. Patrick Fleming, Fulbright scholar & Phodographer Cambodia & Kyrgzystan

"You will never know just how important that photo will be long after it is taken and given."

Delores Barr Weaver, co-owner Jacksonville Jaguars

"Dog Meets World went over fabulously in my village. It is a perfect option for Peace Corps volunteers like myself. I like the Foto dog mascot, kids like it, and it is a representation of the peace and the ideas of the project."

Kristen Woodruff, Phodographer Costa Rica

"The kids are absolutely loving Dog Meets World. For a majority, these were the first images of themselves that they have ever owned."

Marti Johnson, Phodographer Uganda