Foto’s Blog: Foto accidentally packed up in India, but photo diplomacy carries on in Cambodia

Feb 27, 2012   //   Cambodia  //  Comments Off on Foto’s Blog: Foto accidentally packed up in India, but photo diplomacy carries on in Cambodia

Phodographers Coleen McIntyre and Mimi DuVigneaud near Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2011

Coleen had a blast with Foto and photo diplomacy while working in India. She saw how important the photo affirmation was for the children. On her way back to the USA where grad school applications await, she and friend Mimi DuVigneaud spent weeks traveling through SE Asia. Unfortunately she didn’t have her Dog Meets World printer supplies along as they got packed up by mistake by the movers when she was leaving India :( Nevertheless they took the lessons of photo diplomacy to heart and ran with it.

Coleen and Mimi reported they spent time in Cambodia with the children of the Angkor Orphan & Education Oganization. A side note… the little girl in the picture is missing her front teeth as they were rotting out and her adult teeth were growing in in an upwards direction! They were able to get volunteer dental help through a couple that lives here in the States.

There were about 20 children who had not begun school yet because they needed to wait until the start of the new school year, so we mainly worked with these children during the day hours when the others were attending school. One of the most exciting projects we did for the kids was an individual photo frame for each child. We weren’t able to do the traditional method of Dog Meets World photo processing with the kids as Foto and the printer were mistakenly packed up and sent by boat back home to the States from India. Given that we had an extended amount of time we were able to take photos of the 25 kids, send them off to get developed overnight and continue on with our project the next day. The kids loved seeing their picture on the digital camera but were even more enthused when we returned the next day with a hard copy of each of their individual pictures! The kids then placed their pictures on a brightly colored paper and decorated around the picture to create a frame which they could hang above their sleeping area or place in a special location. They loved the activity and couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces!

As a result Coleen and Mimi have established a non-profit, EduForward, with a goal of educating children around the world. Their first project is to raise funds to help the children of the AOEO Cambodia orphanage. Any funds raised will go directly to the children and will help towards their education and well being. They will be returning in June to work with the children once again and this time Foto will be making the journey across the world by plane in Coleen’s bag to visit the wonderful, loving children at AOEO!. Thanks Coleen and Mimi….Foto loves to help fetch photos!

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