Daily Foto: Afrikaner Chef gets First Picture!

Jun 22, 2010   //   Daily Foto, South Africa  //  Comments Off on Daily Foto: Afrikaner Chef gets First Picture!

Phodographer Carolyn Lane in Somerset, South Africa, Feb. 2009

I, Carolyn Lane, founder of Dog Meets World was in the Cape Town and on the suggestion of my fellow local assistants took pictures of the kitchen staff at the very lovely Lord Charles Hotel (4 star). This Afrikaans speaking chef was cajoled into to having his picture taken. He removed his hair net and apron and I posed him against the beautiful foliage in the outdoor dining area. When I returned moments later from the lobby with his printed picture, his eyes turned red, tears welled, his wiped his eyes and hugged me warmly…….his first picture in his life.

How often to we exchange pleasantries and seek help from hotel staff? My astonishment at this gentleman, despite his regular job and nice uniform, had never had his own picture. I suggest we take more time to notice and appreciate those that cater to our needs. So all those traveling, attending World Cup events and more, find time to interact and give back. Dog Meets World makes it simple to share a basic photo!

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