The Daily Foto: August 19th

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Costa Rica Grey Shirt
New Phodographer Kelly Crayne in San Ramone, Costa Rica July 2009

Kelly is a full time Special Ed teacher, muralist and professional photographer. Last minute jobs earned her enough money to join her church mission trip. In her words “One of the best parts of participating in the Dog Meets World project was that I was able to use one of my passions to do something for others. I love photography and was thrilled when our pastor at the mission house in Costa Rica asked if anyone would like to take an a new photography project.” Kelly found the children “were absolutely amazed by the whole process and it thrilled them to see themselves in a photograph.”

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Best Foto of the Week!

Praise for DMW

"Participating in Dog Meets World was a truly magical experience, bringing joy and wonderment to all I met."

John Carr, Phodographer across South America

"Dog Meets World unleashes the power of photography as a diplomatic and personal tool in building connections among the people of the world. It embeds a memory in photographer and subject alike."

Prof. Patrick Fleming, Fulbright scholar & Phodographer Cambodia & Kyrgzystan

"You will never know just how important that photo will be long after it is taken and given."

Delores Barr Weaver, co-owner Jacksonville Jaguars

"Dog Meets World went over fabulously in my village. It is a perfect option for Peace Corps volunteers like myself. I like the Foto dog mascot, kids like it, and it is a representation of the peace and the ideas of the project."

Kristen Woodruff, Phodographer Costa Rica

"The kids are absolutely loving Dog Meets World. For a majority, these were the first images of themselves that they have ever owned."

Marti Johnson, Phodographer Uganda