The business of business-catching money

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There’s a boatload of business details to attend to…I been busy writing and re-writing and filling out forms to make it all legit in the eyes of discriminating donors and of course Uncle Sam! Top of the heap is to apply for tax-exempt status as a public charity…meaning everyone will be able to throw tons of money at Dog Meets World and take a tax-deduction for being so generous. To complete this very comprehensive application one must script out bylaws (to run the corporations), obtain an EIN (like a SSN for a business) and open up a banking account and generally act like you know what you are doing.

NOTE HERE: A real IRS agent (yes there are real and nice IRS agents) confirmed that since all organizing documents are completed and the tax-exempt form has been submitted in good faith (very good faith I might add) Dog Meets World may NOW conduct business as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Feel free to be amongst the first donors to this bow-wow of a charity!

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Best Foto of the Week!

Praise for DMW

"Participating in Dog Meets World was a truly magical experience, bringing joy and wonderment to all I met."

John Carr, Phodographer across South America

"Dog Meets World unleashes the power of photography as a diplomatic and personal tool in building connections among the people of the world. It embeds a memory in photographer and subject alike."

Prof. Patrick Fleming, Fulbright scholar & Phodographer Cambodia & Kyrgzystan

"You will never know just how important that photo will be long after it is taken and given."

Delores Barr Weaver, co-owner Jacksonville Jaguars

"Dog Meets World went over fabulously in my village. It is a perfect option for Peace Corps volunteers like myself. I like the Foto dog mascot, kids like it, and it is a representation of the peace and the ideas of the project."

Kristen Woodruff, Phodographer Costa Rica

"The kids are absolutely loving Dog Meets World. For a majority, these were the first images of themselves that they have ever owned."

Marti Johnson, Phodographer Uganda